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E-Book Table of Contents

Day 1: Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation Exercise 1 - the arm from the shoulder
Relaxation Exercise 2 - the forearm from the elbow
Relaxation Exercise 3 - the hand from the wrist
Relaxation Exercise 4 - the fingers from the knuckles
Relaxation Exercise 5 - the rotational forearm

Day 2: Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility Exercise 1 - the wrist
Flexibility Exercise 2 - the knuckles
Flexibility Exercise 3 - the forearm
Flexibility Exercise 4 - the whole arm from the shoulder
Flexibility Exercise 5 - the forearm from the elbow
Flexibility Exercise 6 - the hand from the wrist

Day 3: Typing Exercises Key Depression

Typing Exercise 1 - fingers fall towards keys
Typing Exercise 2 - touch the keys - Free Download (149K)
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Typing Exercise 3 - key depression
Typing Exercise 4 - moving with the keys
Typing Exercise 5 - key resistance
Typing Exercise 6 - the lowest level

Day 4: Typing Exercises Key Release

Typing Exercise 7 - the upwardly mobile keys
Typing Exercise 8 - the hovering hand and arm

Day 5: Typing Exercises the Arm, the Mouse and Revision

Typing Exercise 9 - forearm rotational freedom
Typing Exercise 10 - lateral freedom

Conclusion - Bringing It All Together

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