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A very, very interesting read! The key pressure/depression section certainly made a light bulb go off above my head! Great new ideas.

(Mr E. P., Ergonomics Consultant, Sydney)

I am amazed at how simple Rob Simpson's technological insight is and how incredibly useful and powerful. One short lesson and I was able to undo a lifetime of bad habits. Of course, I need to put these amazing insights into practice over time. This I will do as I value a life without pain. Thank you Rob.

(Ms J. L., Holistic Counsellor, Melbourne)

I've been very well. Recently I've been having no pain at all when typing. I really do appreciate your help!

(Dr B. McK., Research Assistant, Los Angeles)

Thank you for spending an hour and a half to help me today. I am now far more conscious of how I am typing. My typing feels more fluid - it flows like ballroom dancing or skating on smooth ice. I am now more relaxed and can understand how and why my muscles were over-tense, and that I was using unnecessary force. Before, my typing was more like clog dancing! It felt like digging down through rough terrain. This method really represents an important life lesson - that one can achieve goals without having to sabotage oneself trying. By the way, your piano playing does have a special quality.

(Dr J. G., Health Care Professional, Los Angeles)

This method has helped make typing easier. There is less strain. I no longer treat the keyboard as an obstacle. Now it's a partnership.

(Ms L. E., Typist, Los Angeles)

After six weeks I can type longer and I am experiencing much less pain. I've realized all the things I was doing wrong. In time, I believe this technique will improve every use of my hands and arms. This approach would be of much benefit to others.
(Ms C. V. Typist, Los Angeles)

My hands are much improved. Thanks.

(Dr B.J., Computer Programmer, Los Angeles)

I met Rob Simpson yesterday. He's a nice guy, and a good teacher. His instructions were very clear and well presented, and his methods seemed to me to be based on sound principles. I think this is all good stuff to know - we should teach it in the grade schools, before anybody ever gets injured. Thanks Rob.

(Ms D. K., Teacher, Los Angeles)

I think that when my injury finally does improve this technique will help me from getting re-injured. Typing feels easier. Now I think of myself as working WITH the keyboard instead of AGAINST It! And I've learned how to let the keyboard itself do more of the work. I feel less strain when using this method.

(Ms D. E- K., Typist, Los Angeles)

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"Recently I've been having no pain at all when typing.
I really do appreciate your help!"

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