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Rob Simpson

Rob Simpson I am a pianist, computer buff and successful teacher.

I discovered natural typing in response to a need for strain free typing in my workplace. A number of my colleagues who had repetitive strain injury asked to be taught the method, and to my initial surprise every one of them claimed that their RSI healed!

It is now light years ahead of the original discovery.

I am a musician, not a physician, and have never claimed that this method is capable of healing repetitive strain injuries or any other medical condition. However if all the internal physical conflict is taken out of your typing (and other physical activities involving your hands and arms), it makes sense that the natural healing action of the body may then be allowed to take over.

This is what appears to have happened to those who have learned the method, unless their injury was very severe. Obviously, the less severe the injury the more readily it may heal.

Many people who have learned to type naturally have reported that ALL their physical activities were now easier, more natural and free from strain!

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