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Repetitive Strain Injury - FAQs

If you have a question, please send an e-mail so that the question and answer can be posted here. Your name will not be used.

Q: Rob, do you have RSI?

A: No.

Q: Does your technique apply to key pads, mobile phone text messaging and touchpads?

A: Yes it does Ė the principles are basically the same. However in the case of touchpads there is no moving mechanism, so some of the factors donít apply.

Q: Is this a method of showing you how to hold your wrists in place? I have noticed many people typing with their wrists resting on the bench top.

A: The correct position of the wrists gets a big mention, but this method predominately teaches you to use your inner feelings as a guide to correct and incorrect typing. The look of it is a secondary consideration. But if it feels right, it will automatically look right too. Of course it is wrong to type with your wrists resting on anything Ė for a start the mobility of the fingers is restricted and internal physical conflict is the result as they are forced to stretch from one key to another.

Q: I am a two finger typist, not a touch typist. Will this prevent me from learning your method?

A: No. The exercises in the book use the typist's home keys for practice, but the way you actually type is up to you. Of course touch typing is more efficient.

Q: Reading the table of contents of your e-book, it looks as though the first two sections are not actually about typing. Does it matter if I skip them?

A: You could skip them if you like, but then you wonít have learned the relaxation and flexibility that is desirable as a prerequisite. If youíre not relaxed and flexible first, itís going to be much more difficult to learn natural typing.

Q: Where did this come from? Are you the originator or have others had the same idea before you?

A: These ideas have been used in piano playing for many years, but I have developed them for the computer keyboard. The person who understood and described them best was Tobias Matthay, an English piano teacher. I learned piano from a student of his.

Q: I notice that you say that gravity is important in typing, but I canít see why. Could you please explain this? You also say that the keyboard can do part of the work for you. I just donít understand.

A: Gravity is important in everything, including keeping us stuck to the planet! If you are jumping on a trampoline, gravity is important and the trampoline does part for the work for you. Gravity does the job of taking you down towards the trampoline, and the trampoline does the work of lifting you up again. In the case of typing, gravity and the keyboard can be utilized in a similar way, releasing you for having to do it all. Typing this way is extremely easy, and pleasant; and almost effortless. Thatís because there is no longer any internal conflict in your hands and arms.

Q: Why do I have to learn 19 exercises and ideas? That sounds too much. Also, after I have done all this, do I have to keep practicing?

A: It wonít be nearly as daunting as it sounds. The exercises are logical steps to take you in the right direction. One youíve made a start, understanding should come suddenly as a flash of insight. Some people have claimed that their typing was changed for the better through reading only part of the book. Every student I have taught this to has understood it in an unexpected moment of excitement! You donít have to keep practicing the exercises indefinitely. Once the way you type has changed, youíll never want to revert to the old way.

Q: You say you developed this from piano playing. But the piano and computer keyboards are not exactly the same.

A: No they are not exactly the same shape of course, but the physical actions of depressing and releasing the keys are the same in their important elements.

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